Future Chica in San Antonio

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Latinitas is proud to bring an immersive experience to San Antonio as we host the Future Chica conference on Saturday, October 21st at Capital Factory at Boeing Center in Tech Port.

Future Chica is a one-day celebration of education andcareer exploration in STEM. Students aged 9-14 have an opportunity to meet STEM professionals and engage with a variety of new technology:

Virtual Reality
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Drone Technology
3D Printing

Know a tech-savy student? Register them for the Latinitas Future Chica Conference! A fun-filled day of new technology and learning they won’t want to miss. Girls and non-binary students between 9-14 years old will spend the day exploring 21st-century technology through hands-on demos and activities.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from real professionals in the tech industry about the newest advancements in technology.

Media Chica

Workshop Series

Latinitas is excited to bring to you “Media Chica: Workshops”

A dynamic and educational workshop designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and excel in today’s media landscape.

These workshops typically span a range of topics, including writing, journalism, digital marketing, podcast creation and more.

More details coming soon!